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Overview on Veneto

Discover why Veneto is the most visited Italian region

Travel information about Veneto you should know

Interesting and fun facts about Veneto: geography, Venetian dialect, famous people, etc.

Great options in Veneto for nature and sports lovers

A List of the Natural Parks and Reserves of Veneto, interesting for hikers and birdwatchers, or just for relax lovers.

A list with the best beaches in Veneto

Overview on small medieval towns and villages of Veneto

Veneto: paradise of Renaissance and Palladian architecture

Medieval art: Scrovegni Chapel, mosaic of the St Marco Basilica, etc.


Can we talk of a traditional Italian food or is it too diverse?

The flavor blending of Veneto food makes it a unique cuisine of Italy

A basic lexicon about Veneto and Venetian food

Some of the best Venetian dishes you should taste

10 basic tips on how to make risotto at its best

Learn to cook some of the best risotto recipes of the Veneto tradition

The history of tiramisu, and the easy tiramisu recipe


What is considered the best Italian wine?

Overview on Veneto wine, a big gun in the Italian scenario

A Veneto wine: Amarone wine, one of the most renowned Italian wine

The sparkling Prosecco wine

Bardolino wine, another fine red wine from the Verona hills

The sweet Torcolato wine and a getaway in the Torcolato wine route

Visiting Venice

20 interesting facts about Venice

Overview on Venice, tips, hints and general info to plan a getaway

Useful tourist information (discount cards, etc.) about Venice

Attractions along the Grand Canal in Venice

Things to see in the breathtaking St Mark Square

The Cannaregio district, with its ancient Jewish ghetto

A classic and relaxing itinerary in Venice, from st Mark square to the Guggenhein museum, and more

There are dozens of islands surrounding Venice. Discover the suggesting and unbelievably colorful Burano in a day trip.

The origin of Venice begins with a flight

The Republic of Venice at its peak

The Different types of Venetian masks

The odd history of the Venetian masks

Tips on how to choose a restaurant in Venice

Information and tips on hotels in Venice

Five iconic most luxury hotels of Venice

Other 6 luxury hotels in Venice, the best ones as rated by guests.

Selected quality and cheap hotels in the historic Venice: it's possible!

Sleep in Mestre to save money

General climate in Venice: best time to go

Venice weather forecast

Airport Marco Polo in Venice and bus timetable

Visiting Verona and surroundings

An overview on Verona

14 must-see things in Verona

Opera in Verona: a suggestive experience in the Roman arena

The story of Romeo and Juliet, and Juliet's house

A selection of some of the most charming and highly rated boutique hotels in Verona

Enjoy a few hours in the Parco Sigurtà, located near the lake Garda, and considered one of the 5 most beautiful gardens of the world.

Visiting the Lake of Garda

An overview on Lake Garda, the biggest Italian lake, a piece of Mediterranean inside Veneto

The pictoresque medieval Malcesine by the lakeside, awarded as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, and also surrounded by a spectacular natural setting.

The quaint small town of Torri del Benaco, with its lively characteristic square and imposing castle.

The ancient village of Garda and the peninsula of Punta San Vigilio, the most suggesting and exclusive bay of all the lake, celebrated by poets and celebrities.

Visiting Padua and surroundings

Overview on Padua

Things to see in the historic center of Padua

A short walk discovering the Scrovegni Chapel, the Eremitani church and the celebre Caffè Pedrocchi

3 things to do in Padua for the science lovers

A relaxing and instructive getaway to the monumental Padua University Botanic Garden, the most ancient in the world of this type

St Anthony of Padua and the basilica

A visit to ancient aristocratic villas near Padua

10 good reasons for a getaway in the bucolic Euganean hills

Visit the medieval Praglia Abbey, near Padua

Arquà Petrarca, a medieval village immersed in the unspoilt and breathtakingly beautiful Euganean hills

Monselice, another small medieval small with a beautiful castle and ancient villas at the foothills of the Euganean hills

The beautiful medieval walled city of Este, at the foot of the Euganean hills

A classic boat trip along the river Brenta, discovering ancient Venetian villas from a unique perspective

Visiting Vicenza and surroundings

10 things to see in Vicenza

Follow a pedestrian itinerary in the historic Vicenza, in search of its strong Palladio architecture heritage

The medieval walled town of Marostica

The traditional living chess game in Marostica

Bassano del Grappa, a medieval town with a celebre Palladian bridge and centuries-old prestigious distilleries

An itinerary among Palladian villas, such as La Rotonda

Another itinerary among Renaissance Veneto villas

An itinerary among impressive ancient villas

The traditional Vicenza gold handicraft

Discover the lush Asiago plateau with its thick network of trails

Find some of the best rated hotels near the Vicenza historic centre, according to guest reviews, in terms of quality and price.

Visiting Treviso and surroundings

Treviso, the suggesting town of water and frescoed houses

The romantic medieval village of Asolo

Freya Stark, a British writer in Asolo

3 superbly rated Asolo hotels, ancient noble villas turned into boutique hotels

A getaway to the charming and pictoresque old town of Vittorio Veneto

A day trip to the medieval walled city of Castelfranco Veneto, with its imposing redbrick ramparts

The charming small town of Oderzo, with its great Roman archaeological heritage

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