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Veneto Italy: airports

There are three main airports in Veneto:

  1. Venice: Marco Polo airport
    It is located on the Venetian terra firma, right in front of the lagoon town. It is an important international hub, connected with 123 international destinations.
    If you have a seat on the lucky side of the plane, during the landing or take-off, you’ll easily get a glimpse of St Mark Square at a relatively short distance. If you are sitting on the wrong side instead, you may catch sight of the less alluring petrochemical compound of Porto Marghera, notorious – luckily mostly in the past - for its eco-unfriendly waste into the delicate ecosystem of the lagoon.
    The Marco Polo airport is well connected with Venice and the rest of Veneto with a regular bus service.

  2. Treviso: Canova Airport
    It is a smaller airport compared to the Venetian one, and it is connected with 42 international destinations. If you flight with the low cost company Ryan Air you’ll land here.
    From the airport you can get to the town of Treviso with a regular bus service: line 6, ACTT company
    From the Treviso airport you can get to Venice (Piazzale Roma) by the ATVO bus line.

  3. Verona: Valerio Catullo airport
    Located 12 Km/8 miles far away from Verona and 120km/75miles from Venice. A bus leaves every 20 minutes heading for the Verona train station.

Veneto Italy: emergency numbers

Unfortunately there is more than one number to remember – unlike for ex. 411 in the U.S.A:

  • Ambulance: 118
  • Police: 113
  • Carabinieri: 112
  • Firemen: 115
  • Coastal Guard: 1530
  • Corpo Forestale (Environment police): 1515

Post offices

Opening time: from Monday through Saturday.

Opening hours can vary: some post offices stay open only in the morning (usually the smallest and most outlying ones). Others stay open in the afternoon as well, generally until 6pm.

Stamps are also sold by the Tabaccherie, i.e. small stores marked by a sign outside with a white T on it.

Veneto Italy: highways and railways

Highways in Veneto, and in almost all of Italy, are toll charged: allow about 6€ for 100 Km/75miles.

If you travel by train, in the official Trenitalia website you can check timetable and prices, and - if you wish - buy tickets.

A word of caution: in Veneto, and in all of Italy, after buying a train ticket you must punch it in one of the small yellow machines placed along each platform. Do not forget to do that as you may get a fine in case of inspection.

Boating in Veneto Italy

Part of Veneto can be visited by boat. There is also the chance to rent a private houseboat. It is very easy to drive one of this boats, so that a boat license is not required.

  • One of the most suggestive boat trips is on the the Riviera del Brenta, on a typical boat called burchiello, which can hosts from 24 to 200 passengers, : 30 km/19miles along the river Brenta, sailing from Padua to Venice right in front of St Mark square. Along the way you’ll admire by the riverside over 70 impressive villas of Veneto - the mansions of the Venetian aristocrats and merchants dating back to the 1500’s-1700’s.

  • another possible area to explore by boat is the Venice lagoon, dotted with hundreds flat islands.

  • another itinerary, very appreciated by nature lovers, is the big Natural Park of the Delta del Po, or Delta of the Po river, a paradise for bird watchers.

  • Other options: sailing the sea northward, along some of the most well known sandy Italian beaches, and stop off in small towns like Caorle and Grado.

Accommodations in Veneto Italy

The region offers a great variety of places where one can sleep:

  • from 1 star to 5L stars hotels

  • bed and breakfasts: private homes with rooms and bathroom for guests, providing breakfast in the morning

  • rooms to let: without breakfast in the morning

  • guesthouses, pensions: small family run hotels where you have breakfast and you can also have lunch and/or dinner for a small extra. More common among vacationers who stay in the same place for days, for instance for a beach holiday week.

  • Agriturismo: Italians choose more and more this type of rural accommodation for their getaways tucked in nature.
    It is about a farmhouse, providing rooms, breakfast and meals, partly produced in the farm itself. Sometimes they provide guided tours, horseback riding trips, etc.

  • Country-houses: a rural accommodation, yet not a farm. There are different levels: from the less expensive one to the luxury aristocratic old villa.

  • Apartments and residences

  • Campings and tourist villages (free camping is forbidden in Veneto and in all of Italy).
    There are several campings in Veneto, mostly located along the coast

  • Rifugio (refuge): very numerous in the mountains, there you can have both a meal and sleep.
    The accommodation is pretty basic and in shared rooms

  • Hostels: in Veneto there are 13 of them, spread all over the region

Sports in Veneto Italy

Veneto is an incredibly diverse region from a natural point of view: an ideal place if you are passionate with some sports. For example:

  • water sports, like sailboating or windsurfing, along the sea coast or on the windy lake of Garda.

  • on the Delta of the river Po you’ll enjoy canoeing, horseback riding, bicycle riding.

  • On the Euganean hills, Berici hills, Montello, Asolani hills, Valdobbiadene hills, Asiago plateau, the Cansiglio plateau or in all the hills located northward on the piedmont area, you can hike, horseback ride, mountain bike or race bike (if you are not scared about steep climbs!).

  • On the Dolomites you’ll be hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding and skiing in winter.

Veneto Italy: Thermal Spas

Terme Euganee: one of the most important thermal hubs both of Veneto and Italy. Many spas lie in the renowned Abano Terme and surroundings, famous for their indoor and outdoor healing hot springs.

Recoaro Terme: a land of mountain water springs, located in the breathtaking natural setting of Piccole Dolomiti (small Dolomites), north of the province of Vicenza.

Veneto Italy. Handicraft: what to buy

  • Venice : masks, lace, Murano glass items like Murano chandeliers, Murano glass jewels, etc.

  • Bassano del Grappa: hand painted pottery

  • Vicenza: gold jewelry

  • Asolo: antique items

  • Belluno and surrounding mountains: carved wood items.

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