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Not only crazy overpriced accommodations
in the capital of Veneto

Hotels Venice Italy...People get scared just hearing these 3 words..
Yes, the capital of Veneto is notorious when it comes to the price of its hotels and accommodations. And it is kind of understandable: the town is made up of a number of islets – and living in an island is generally more expensive than elsewhere - and the tourism stream is enormous- and for the basic principles of economics, the higher the demand... the higher the price.

Thus it is no accident that a lot of visitors choose to sleep in the more affordable Mestre, the Venice’s outskirt in the mainland, located 10 minutes away by train from the old town, and 15 minutes by bus.

So, staying in Mestre it might seem the better solution, easier, faster and cheaper. But you might also want to consider spending at least one night in your life in the legendary lagoon town...

Budget hotels in the historic Venice

I tell you what: looking for an affordable accommodation in the historic Venice can be a wild-goose chase, but it’s still doable.
As a rule of thumb, traveling to Venice is more convenient during the low season, that is wintertime from November until end-January or early February, before the hotels price-riser Carnival.

Here is the proof that you can spend a night even in the historic centre of Venice on a budget: I have selected only quality and cheap hotels in Venice, a selection based also on independent guest reviews found on dedicated websites.

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Hotels Venice Italy: pros and cons of Venice and Mestre

Of course, there is nothing wrong willing to overnight in Mestre, but there’s pros and cons. I am going to think positive and only talk about pros of both options.

Hotel in Mestre Italy: pros

  1. On average, sleeping in Mestre is cheaper, no doubt.

  2. Mestre is a modern suburb and its buildings are usually much more recent compared to the centuries-old ones of the historic Venice. That means rooms and bathrooms are likely to be generally more spacious.

  3. Hotels in Mestre are all similar looking, with not much of a character, and the same goes for the view you can enjoy from their window, usually over a gray suburb.
    For this reason you do not need to waste your time trying to find out the most romantic or suggestive one. Hotels of this type in Mestre simply do not exist! :)
    If you are like me and cannot make up your mind easily when faced with different good options, this is a huge pro!
    I am kidding of course, the historic center of Mestre is ok and you can find some cosy hotel or Bed and Breakfast.

Hotels Venice Italy: pros

  1. You can relax in the most unique town on earth without being under time constraint, and enjoy strolling around early in the morning and at dusk, when the charme of the Serenissima is at its peak. The magic of the city is unforgettable at this time of day.

  2. You can enjoy the town when the bunch of day-trippers are gone and – if you are one of those people who do not like to look like a tourist and always try to mingle with locals – you might even make believe you are an authentic Venetian (yes, there is some still left..).

  3. In the morning you’ll open your windows looking out a canal, or a fondamenta, or a rio, or a salizada, and you might even spot an elegant, tapered and silent gondola passing by, instead of a rumbling truck.

  4. In the evening, you’ll not face the return shock, going back from the most beautiful town of Italy (someone says of the world) to what is basically an industrial suburb (people of Mestre will forgive me..).

Hotels Venice Italy for every taste and pocket

That having been said, you should take a look at some of the options I have selected, both in Venice and Mestre, that suit every taste and pocket. And please do not take it for granted that a hotel in Venice, even at a stone's throw from St Mark square, must always be unreasonably priced.
To your big surprise sometimes it could not be that way. Check it out!

Luxury Hotels Venice Italy

Well, speaking about affordable prices, this is not the case, as I am now going to talk about the 5 top Venice most luxury hotels , some of those loved by celebrities, and set of many movies, like the legendary Hotel Danieli, and others of the same level.

More here about other fascinating and suggesting 6 luxury hotels in Venice, the best ones as rated by guests.

Beautiful and cosy budget hotels in Mestre

Are you looking for a more convenient hotel in Mestre? A budget hotel but at the same time cosy, tastefully furnished and with a great quality-price relationship? See here a selection of the best hotels in Mestre of this kind .

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