Italian beaches:
a holiday in Veneto's golden sand beaches

Speaking about Italian beaches, the coast of Veneto in the Adriatic sea (the eastern side of the Mediterranean) is quite renowned. An endless stripe of golden sand beaches, an authentic paradise for families and children.

The Veneto coast may not boast the clearest waters of all the Mediterranean - partly due to the confluence of some of the biggest Italian rivers, like the river Po, the river Adige and Piave - but it still can be fascinating. Those waterways brought over the millenniums millions tons of gravel, making water murkier compared to other areas in the Mediterranean.

In these Italian beaches in the coast of Veneto tourists are offered a wide range of choices to enjoy their summer holiday: along with the sun and the beaches you can enjoy entertainment and night life at the sunset, and – not to be undervalued – they are located quite near the some of the main attraction of Veneto, like Venice, Padua, and so on.

Have a look here below at a list of the best beaches in the Veneto coast, with their own distinctive features.


It’s an old picturesque small town located between sea and lagoon.
In the charming and colorful historic centre you’ll enjoy a stroll among cafès, trattorias and stores. Do not miss a look to the tall and leaning campanile, a very old romanesque-byzantine bell tower rising next to the cathedral of Santo Stefano, dating back to 1000 years ago.
Enjoy the long promenade also having a look at the 1700s small church of the Madonna dell’Angelo on your way, and make a half- a-day trip to the nearby suggesting Caorle lagoon, where the American writer Ernest Hemingway used to hunt, and visit the famous ancient casoni (lit. big houses), the typical old fishing houses made of common reed, where you can taste a fresh fish meal.

Porto Santa Margherita

It lies not far from Caorle, and as for the pleasure boats it’s equipped with one of the most important marinas of the Northern Adriatic.

Lido di Jesolo

Pronounce ee-à-zo-loh. With its endless sandy beach it is one of the most renowned Italian beaches in the Northern Adriatic. The small town is suitable both for families with children and young people in search of pubs and discos.

Eraclea mare

Another of the Italian beaches in the Veneto region. This beach boasts a lush maquis made up of shady maritime pines.

Rosolina Mare

It is located where the river Adige flows into the Adriatic, very near to the river Po delta, one of the most relevant and interesting wetlands of Europe, a must for bird watchers and not only.
The small town of Rosolina, in the province of Rovigo – developed in the Sixties to favor tourism - is nothing worth seeing, but fortunately the new facilities did not spoilt this wild natural environment.

What to see in the outskirts of Rosolina:

the natural park Giardino Botanico Litoraneo del Veneto in Porto Caleri, a 24ha/60ac park partly encompassing the Po Delta.
This coastal park boasts a varied and totally unspoilt natural environment, having preserved all its original mediterranean flora and fauna.
Be ready to enjoy a pleasant walk inside the park and its maquis, following the numerous didactic placards.

Albarella island

Suitable for the elite tourism lovers, the Albarella island lies just off the coast in front of Rosolina beach, in the middle of the Po Delta Natural park.
It is a private and exclusive spot where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.The island is covered with millions maritime pines and other types of native flora like holm oaks and poplars, and inhabited by many species of birds, among them some migratory birds too.

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