The renowned Vicenza gold.
A centuries-old tradition
in the Veneto town

The Vicenza gold handicraft is just one of many expressions of the creativity of this Italian town located in the region Veneto.

Vicenza is well known for being the town of Palladio, hosting renaissance architectural masterpiece in every corner, just like La Rotonda villa , worldwide known and studied by every architecture student.
So, if you are not under time constraint, after attending the gold trade fair you may think about a visit to the historic town. In this regard, you may be interested in the top 10 things to see in Vicenza .

The International Vicenza Gold Fair takes place three times a year in the Veneto town.
It is the most important and renowned exhibit in the world: every year thousands investors and traders gather in order to display their jewelry articles, promote their brand and find potential new customers.

At the Vicenza fair it is easy to make a deal by purchasing gold and silver jewels and bullions at a convenient price, sometimes way below the official spot rates.

Italy is worldwide renowned for its fine handicraft, and goldsmith holds a leading position: even if under attack both by the economic crisis and the increasing world competition, Italy is still considered the world leader in this field.

The four most important Italian gold jewerly producing hubs are Vicenza, where it is made a big amount of all Italian gold manufacturing, Arezzo in Tuscany, Valenza in Piedmont and Torre del Greco in Campania. Precious metal jewels and other items made in Italy cover about 70% of all the European goldsmith production, making Italy the world leader in goldsmith making, both for the beauty of its articles and the remarkable technical skills.

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