Veneto holidays
in the Medieval town of Vittorio Veneto

During your Veneto holidays a must-see should be Vittorio Veneto, an enchanting town full of medieval atmosphere lying at the foothills of the pre-alpine belt, and surrounded by beautiful rolling hills.

In 1866, on the occasion of the annexation of the region Veneto to Italy, Ceneda and Serravalle, two ancient and often conflicting adjacent settlements, fused into a new city.
Ceneda, in the southern side, still features country style buildings, surrounded by lush gardens, while the northern Serravalle is characterized by austere noble palaces.

Veneto holidays: the Ceneda district in Vittorio Veneto

The historical centre of Vittorio Veneto can be visited all by foot, and – like the whole province of Treviso - it’s an ideal getaway for those looking for relaxing, cultural and gourmet Veneto holidays.

In the heart of the Ceneda district lies the ancient hamlet, with its wide square Piazza Giovanni Paolo I, lined with interesting old palaces and the Cathedral rebuilt in neoclassical style in mid 1700s, which hosts the remains of St Titian, the patron of Ceneda.
Noteworthy the 1500s’ Loggia Cenedese, with its well preseved frescoes, which was the ancient seat of the City Council. Nowadays it hosts the Museo della Battaglia, which displays a collection of war relics dating back to the 1st World War: in fact in Vittorio Veneto in 1918 took place the final battle of the 1st World War, which resulted in the capitulation of the Austrians.

Beside the Loggia Cenedese follow the steep and narrow path leading to the castle – Castello di San Martino, dating back to the Roman era but featuring an important Longobard influence. The castle was partly destroyed by the Hungarian invasions in the first half of the 1400s, but the remaining parts are still well kept.
Beside the palace, two imposing medieval towers are left, along with well preserved encircling walls. From up there you’ll enjoy a nice view of Vittorio Veneto.

Other things to see in the district of Ceneda are the Arco della Torre (Tower Arch) and the so-called Palasi, that is the ruins of a medieval palace, which in 1179 played host to the emperor Frederick Barbarossa.
Continue forward the Meschio area, up to the lovely church of St Mary of Meschio.

Another interesting part of Ceneda is the Ghetto, in the past inhabited by a Jewish community.

Veneto holidays: the Serravalle district in Vittorio Veneto

By foot you’ll get to the district of Serravalle, located to the northern part of Vittorio Veneto, between two mounts named Marcantone and Baldo.
Serravalle, a former Roman settlement, features ancient towers and the ruins of the city walls.
It is embellished by sumptuous noble palaces, built between the 1100s and the 1300s’, during a period of relevant economic and cultural development.

Take a look at the austere noble palaces in the elegant street via Martiri della Libertà, like among others Palazzo Minucci, which hosts a relevant art collection.
The Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio) is one of the most ancient clock dials of Europe.

Other noteworthy things to see are the ancient hospital dating back to 1313, which also incorporates the early 1400s Church of San Lorenzo.

A scenic walk to the Sanctuary of St Augusta

In the Flaminio square, near the Serravalle Cathedral – which hosts in its interior a painting of Titian - starts the historic stairway leading to the Sanctuary of St Augusta, at the summit of Mount Marcantone.
The scenic walk up to the Sanctuary takes about 25 minutes. The path is lined with seven oratories built by the citizens of Serravalle in 1630, to honour the Saint who protected the town from the plague.

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