The Venice weather forecast
Plan your getaway to Venice and Veneto
in advance

If you want to plan a romantic weekend in this Veneto's town, you may want to check the Venice weather forecast and make a decision according to that.

As I have said, the weather in Venice follows in broad terms its own trend according to every season, like any weather in the world.
The highest chances of rain are in Fall and sometimes in Spring, but it can be different from one year to the next.

Generally I can say that it snows rarely.
Sometimes, during a particularly cold winter, the lagoon water can freeze. But it's a rare event either.

Even rain can be romantic in a town like Venice , but if you only have a couple of days available to spend there...better to leave the umbrella at home!

Here are the real time Venice forecast

As a rule of thumb, the AVERAGE temperatures are these ones, both in their high and low:

Venice average temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit

  • January
    low 0C/32F - high 6C/42.8F

  • February
    low 1C/33.8F - high 8C/46.4F

  • March
    low 3c/37.4F - high 13c/55.4F

  • April
    low 7C/44.6F - high 16C/60.8F

  • May
    low 11C/51.8F - high 22C/71.6F

  • June
    low 16C/60.8F -high 25C/77F

  • July
    low 18C/64.4F - high 28C/82.4F

  • August
    low 17C/62.6F - high-28C/82.4F

  • September
    low 13C/55.4F - high 23C/73.4F

  • October
    low 9C/48.2F - high 18C/64.4F

  • November
    low 5C/41F - high 12C/53.6F

  • December
    low 1C/33.8F - high 7C/44.6F

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